Director of Instruction

Ross Kukula

I am a Golf Coach that specializes in providing score-oriented results for experienced golfers as well as giving beginner golfers a clear, fun path into golf. My passion as a coach is to get on the golf course with my students and help them play the game better without major swing reconstruction. I give golfers a set of rules to play by to achieve their best results and have more fun.

To see more about my coaching beliefs, available programs, or testimonials, you can check out my website below. To schedule a phone call or sit down session to discuss your golfing goals, you can click the scheduling links below or find them in my website.


Beginner Golfers

Operation 36 Junior and Ladies Academy provides beginner golfers with the tools they need to pick up this complicated game. Click below to see a video explaining the structure of Operation 36, running from April-October. If you’re contemplating how to get started in golf or would like your junior to try out the sport, please schedule a phone call or sit down session to discuss your needs with me. Both scheduling links you will find above or on my website.



Golfers looking to play better and have more fun

Do you hit it better on the range than the course? Do you have a few blow up holes every round? Are you frustrated with your lack of improvement or consistency? Do you want to have more fun? 

What if you could resolve these issues and get on the course with a professional golfer and other like-minded golfers, maybe even your friends? That’s what The Scoring Method can do for you, like it has done for so many golfers before you. Watch the video below for more information and see my website for continued information. Programs run from April-September for a limited number of golfers.

Video Lessons & Tutorials