Arrowhead Women’s Golf Association

Mission Statement:
To encourage women to play regulation golf together for fun, exercise, strengthening and developing friendships, and to improve their golf games.

Below are some useful links:

Arrowhead Women’s Club Schedule 2022

AWGA Bylaws 2022

AWGA Weekly Sign Up Procedure

AWGA Payout Procedures 2022

AWGA Eclectic (EC) Guidelines

AWGA Handicap Policies Procedures 2022

Pace of Play Tips

Gerry Crocker, President

Karla Peterson, Vice President

Jennie Sandler, Secretary

Pearl Herkamp, Treasurer

Phyllis Millan, Golf Chair

Sheryl Brower, Past President

Alexis Brandvold, Member Liaison

Helen Morgan & Marla Duffield, Handicap Chair

Linda Ignowski, OGA Representative

Linda Ignowski, OWGA Senior Director

Phyllis Millan, OWGA Junior Director