Arrowhead Women’s Golf Association

Mission Statement:
To encourage women to play regulation golf together for fun, exercise, strengthening and developing friendships, and to improve their golf games.

Below are some useful links:

Arrowhead Women’s Schedule 2023

2023 AWGA Game Descriptions

AWGA Bylaws 2022

Thursday Women’s Club Sign Up Procedure

AWGA Payout Procedures. 5.1.22

AWGA Eclectic (EC) Guidelines

AWGA Handicap Policies & Procedures 2023

Tips and Suggestions for Improving Pace of Play

Karla Peterson, President

Wendy Philippi, Vice President

Gerry Crocker, Secretary

Pearl Herkamp, Treasurer

Jennie Sandler & Julie Retzlaff, Golf Chair

Gerry Crocker, Past President

Alexis Brandvold, Member Liaison

Helen Morgan & Marla Duffield, Handicap Chair

Phyllis Millan, OWGA Senior Director

Chris Oviatt, OWGA Junior Director