Howard Fisher

President of Fisher Corporation and Owner of Arrowhead Golf Club

Howard started Fisher Corporation in 1985 when he purchased a little Arco gas station in Oregon City. In 1995 he built Willamette Chevron in West Linn, and he opened Willamette Car Wash in 1999. The Fishers now own gas stations in Washington, Oregon, and Arizona. They bought Arrowhead Golf Club in January 2015.

Howard has always dreamed of owning a golf course—the fact that it ended up being Arrowhead makes it that much better. He is passionate about providing the best golf experience possible for the membership. Like the rest of his family, his favorite part of Arrowhead is the people—employees and members.

A huge perk for Howard is getting to run this business with his family. He has a tight-knit family that enjoys working and worshiping together. Howard and Marcia have three kids and six grandkids. In the evenings, you can probably find Howard somewhere on the course giving lessons to his grandkids.

Marcia Fisher

Owner of Arrowhead Golf Club

Marcia is a co-owner of Arrowhead Golf Club. She is the design specialist and helps enhance women’s golf as a member of the AWGA. Marcia is a retired hairdresser after 29 years in the industry.

Marcia hit her first golf ball at Arrowhead in eighth grade and fell in love with the game. Marcia is a highly accomplished golfer; she won 2 Oregon Stroke Play Championships, holds 7 Women’s Oregon Amateur titles, and is a two-time winner and three-time medalist of the PNGA Women’s Amateur Championship. She was inducted into the Pacific Northwest Golf Association Hall of Fame in 2007. Now, Marcia is passionate about enhancing the growth of the club for the membership. She loves the game of golf and what it brings to people’s lives—friendship, camaraderie, and a healthy dose of competition.

Marcia describes her family as chaotic and fun-loving; there is never a dull moment. She has three tremendous kids, remembering when she used to pay them $0.25 per hole to be quiet during her golf tournaments. She also has two amazing daughters-in-law and six unbelievable grandchildren who think she is the best Mimi ever.

Stacie Fisher

CAO of Fisher Corporation and Owner of Arrowhead Golf Club

Stacie is the CAO of Arrowhead Golf Club and Fisher Corporation. She supervises the daily operations of the business and is ultimately responsible for its performance. More importantly, Stacie keeps her two brothers—Bryce and Robert—organized. Stacie has worked for the Fisher Corporation since high school. She loves being able to work closely with family and to see behind the scenes of the organization. Stacie is not only involved in many different aspects of the golf course, but also the family gas stations and Zoom Lawns. The golf course is a beautiful place to work; the camaraderie of the staff, members, and family make it a great place to work.

Outside of work, Stacie enjoys spending time with her son, Kenzo. She adopted Kenzo from Chicago when he was four days old. Kenzo is now a fiery, sports-loving, energetic five-year-old. If Stacie could have dinner with anyone throughout history, it would be Jesus Christ and her grandparents, Bryce and Pat Piper.

Bryce Fisher

CEO of Fisher Corporation and General Manager and Owner of Arrowhead Golf Club

Bryce is the CEO of Fisher Corporation and General Manager at Arrowhead Golf Club. He began working for the family business as a gas attendant and diligently moved his way up the company. He is now responsible for the successful and profitable operation of all aspects of the company: the staff, Golf Club, Athletic Club, and restaurant.

Bryce is incredibly grateful to be a part of the Arrowhead family; the people—staff and members—are what make it an incredible place. He says, “Our membership is the most loyal, gracious group of people I’ve been around.”

When he isn’t in the office or on the course, you can find Bryce spending time with his family. He thanks the Lord for his wife, Jessie, his five-year-old daughter Charli, and his two-year-old daughter Andi.

Robert Fisher

CFO of Fisher Corporation and Director of Instruction and Owner of Arrowhead Golf Club

Robert is the CFO of Fisher Corporation and Arrowhead’s Director of Instruction. He is in charge of the company’s financial health, and he teaches golf lessons at Arrowhead. He loves golf and he loves people, making his job the perfect fit. Every day, he gets to help people become better at the greatest game in the world. Robert genuinely appreciates and enjoys the people at Arrowhead and Legends. Arrowhead is different—better—than any other club he has been a part of, thanks to the incredible people here.

When Robert isn’t crunching numbers or giving golf lessons, he is probably chasing his three kids around a park. He is married to his best friend, Julie, and they have three kids: Piper (4), Nolan (3), and Hadley (1). He says, “These four are the best part of my life, and I am blessed to be a part of their lives.”