Saturday, March 28th

Open Play

Golf Course is OPEN with the following guidelines……

In accordance with Oregon Executive Order 20-12:  Golf Shop Closed.  (Staff member on-site from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm)  Driving Range Closed.  No power carts. Social Distancing Measures:  *Stay 6-feet apart at all times.  *No rakes in bunkers (use local rule).  *Leave flagstick in hole and untouched. *No air hoses. 

Please…..We must NOT congregate / gather in the parking lot before or after golf. This is NOT allowed under the guidlines. 

Preferred Lies: A ball may be lift-clean-place in the General Area; 6-inches no nearer the hole.

   Except: -If the ball lies within 36 inches of a tree, bush, or shrub.

               -If the ball lies within 36 inches of out-of-bounds.