Adam Vidourek

Arrowhead Superintendent

Adam is Arrowhead’s Superintendent. In the past, Adam has worked at Ilahe Hills Country Club, Muirfield Village Golf Club, Royal Oaks Country Club, and Willamette Valley Country Club. He has a degree in Horticulture/Turfgrass Management from Oregon State University, and he is a licensed Landscape Professional and GCSAA Class A Superintendent.

Adam loves working outside in the ever-changing elements to keep the golf course as beautiful as possible. His favorite part of Arrowhead is the brisket wrap at Legend’s (and the family-like working environment). If he isn’t working, Adam is at home hanging out with his wife, Karli, and their three kids: Carson (4), Josephine (3), and Dylan (4 months). You may not know that Adam has been to over 300 heavy metal concerts.

Larry Silvers

Property Manager

Larry is the Property Manager at Arrowhead; he maintains the building and is in charge of all renovation projects. The majority of Larry’s career was working in the construction industry. He has also been a bartender and a wildfire fighter. When asked to describe his job, Larry joked, “I change light bulbs.” He does a whole lot more than that…we love Larry around here.

Larry enjoys the ever-changing challenges of his position and the appreciation shown for his accomplishments. He also likes being able to have some fun at work, which makes Arrowhead a good place for him.

Larry has been married to his wife, Candy, for 27 years and they have two sons: Matt (26) and Steven (23). In his spare time, he enjoys watching sports, classic TV shows, and solving crossword puzzles. An interesting fact about Larry is that he has 11 brothers and sisters and 105 first cousins. That’s right—105.

Brian Scruggs

Head Mechanic

Brian is the Head Mechanic at Arrowhead. He began his career in the U.S. Navy as an Electronics Technician, and he has troubleshot and repaired equipment for 30 years. Before coming to Arrowhead, he worked at Columbia Edgewater Country Club, Broadmoor Golf Course, and Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club. Brian received his technical training from the U.S. Military, and he has a degree in Psychology with a minor in Spanish from Portland State University.

Brian is responsible for all aspects of equipment maintenance and repair. He works closely with the Superintendent to ensure equipment readiness; he maintains sharpness of all cutting equipment and mowers to ensure the quality of course appearance at all times. Brian enjoys the pride in professionalism that comes with the satisfaction of a job well done. His favorite part about Arrowhead is the grand beauty of the course and being able to see it change throughout the seasons.

Brian has been married to his wonderful wife for 24 years, and they have 3 children in college. In his spare time, he is probably fishing or camping. If he could have dinner with anyone throughout history, he would love to have dinner with JFK.